News is news and then its gone. That’s how life is, you think things are important, they aren’t really, you turn a page, its gone.

I wanted to just create a ripple though for us to pause and consider the great achievement of Kevin Eichelberger from Blue Acorn who this…

Too many Imagine’s to even remember. Here are my last minute tips.

  • Its all about the shoes, be comfortable
  • Be aware everyone wants to be friendly and network
  • Find quiet time for you
  • Don’t let shyness hold you back, fight it off and open yourself to new people you might…

Imagine 2018 — Lead the Charge

Never in the history of Magento has there been a more pivotal moment than this.

And I should know — I could write a book if I could remember it all.

Short History — KB Style

What have been the pivotal moments, let me think:

  • The volcano and developer paradise being cancelled/rescheduled (problems were smaller…

Well its the end of an era. I’ve known Mark Lavelle back from when he first walked into the PreImagine event at the Hard Rock cafe (I feel like it was 2014) and I said hallo then as I recall proceeded to ask him not to destroy the ecosystem. …

Its easy to jump to conclusions, to have pre-conceived ideas about the world, and the people within it. My trip to Asia made me revisit some of my views, and opened a door to a wonderful colorful new world that I never dreamed existed.

My story really starts last year…

Karen Baker

CEO ShipperHQ/WebShopApps

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